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Crafting colorful open world games with a lot of heart.

We are Miami Avalon, a small game development company based in England, United Kingdom.

We make enchanting worlds driven by narrative and colourful characters.
 Even though we’re a relatively small indie team, we are trained and experienced in the development of high-end 3D games, which turned into our ambition to build gorgeous open-world action-adventure games with a sincere layer of depth.

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Pandora: Chains of Chaos

Release Date: 22 Sep, 2020

A 17-year-old girl named Pandora has opened a box containing evils that could destroy the world. Kome Village, her home, is invaded by creatures spawned from the darkness and the legendary Titans. During the invasion, Pandora must battle countless enemies and demons, including her own inner turmoil.


Release Date: 2024

Ascend is played with a top down person view as the player controls a young woman who must pilgrimage up a mountain, completing various puzzles to gain access to the Ascend in order restore the Moons power.

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